Economic Index Associates (EIA) is a developer and licensor of active index strategies that are replicable, investable, rules-based and transparent.


EIA's patent pending Invest with the Fed (IFED) index methodology assesses Fed policy rates and firm fundamentals to identify securities that are optimally positioned to prosper during prevailing market conditions.​

EIA’s three founders (Robert Johnson, Gerald Jensen and Luis Garcia-Feijoo) are widely acclaimed as the pre-eminent authorities on the association of Fed monetary policy with security returns – combined they have published over 200 academic articles, which have over 9,000 citations.


Strategy Features:

  • Long-term strategy supported by 30+ years of robust peer-reviewed research 

  • Pursues alpha by using monetary conditions and firm-specific metrics to select securities

  • Weights securities by proprietary IFED score instead of market capitalization

  • Avoids the timing issues inherent with factor and smart beta investing

  • Adjusts automatically with changes in market conditions to avoid becoming out-of-favor

  • Designed to capture upside potential, while limiting downside risk by being fully invested in equities with financial stability

  • Replicable, investable, rules-based and transparent