IFED: Performance Summary

Over the 20-year period from January 1999 to December 2018, IFED Indexes consistently outperform their benchmarks and produce mean annual alphas (before transaction costs) ranging from 7.34% to 11.12%.

IFED Performance vs Key Benchmarks (1999 to 2018)

Note: all values represent annualized monthly returns, standard deviations and tracking errors. Sharpe ratios assume the risk-free rate equals the one-month Treasury bill rate.

Factor Attribution (1999 to 2018)

  • Style analysis confirms that EIA’s rules-based methodology adapts to changes in monetary environments and does not mimic a smart beta or multi-factor strategy.

  • The IFED methodology’s “active strategy component”, which modifies portfolio composition based on changes in monetary conditions, is the primary driver of outperformance (alpha). 

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