Products & Services

Index Licensing

Clients can license existing or customized IFED indexes as the basis for investment products and services

Index Data

Index values, portfolio components and IFED scores are made readily available to clients

Portfolio Analytics

EIA’s powerful platform can provide performance and risk analysis versus traditional benchmarks or actively managed portfolios

Index Consulting

EIA’s team of experts can create customized IFED indexes and portfolio solutions to suit any client’s needs

Investment Advisory Services

EIA provides investment advisory services through its affiliate, EIA Investments


IFED Methodology

Starting Universe and Stock Scoring
  • Stocks listed on NYSE or Nasdaq with 3+ years of data

  • EIA’s proprietary monetary indicator classifies conditions as expansive, restrictive or indeterminate

  • 12 firm-specific metrics determine IFED scores (i.e., ability to benefit from prevailing market conditions)*

Composition & Weighting
Index Rebalance Timing
  • Each stock is ranked by its IFED score

  • 75 stocks with highest scores for prevailing conditions are selected

  • Selected stocks are weighted by IFED score

  • Customized IFED indexes integrate unique features 

  • IFED indexes rebalance based on signaled shifts in Federal Reserve policy, rather than relying on rate levels or current economic conditions. 

  • See below….

IFED Methodology.png

* 1) Market Capitalization; 2) Long-term Stock Performance; 3) Short-term Stock Performance; 4) Relative Value; 5) Dividend Yield; 6) Cash Ratio; 7) Residual Variability; 8) Change in Net Operating Assets; 9) Balance Sheet Bloat; 10) Equity Issuance; 11) Debt Ratio; 12) Gross Profit Margin


IFED Indexes

EIA’s initial index offering is the IFED Large-Cap US Equity Index (IFED-L), which was launched on June 9, 2020.

For prospective licensees, EIA also maintain the following product offering:

  • IFED All-Cap US Equity Index™  (IFED-A)

  • IFED Large-Cap US Equity Index™  (IFED-LG)

  • IFED Large/Mid-Cap US Equity Index™  (IFED-LM)

  • IFED Mid-Cap US Equity Index™ (IFED-M) 

  • IFED Small-Cap US Equity Index™ (IFED-S)

  • IFED Low Volatility US Equity Index™ (IFED-LV)

Do You Invest With the Fed?


An Introduction to IFED Indexes

Large-Cap Index (IFED-L)


IFED Large-Cap US Equity Index (IFED-L)

EIA's initial product offering is the IFED Large-Cap US Equity Index™ (IFED-L)

IFED-L maximizes exposure to those large cap U.S. equities best positioned to benefit from prevailing monetary conditions. The index uses a combination of Federal Reserve policy developments and key firm metrics to select stocks via a transparent and rules-based active strategy.

IFED-L is tilted towards securities with favorable liquidity characteristics. In addition, the index places constraints on sector and individual stock weights.

IFED-L Factsheet


Performance and Index Description


Exchange-Traded Products

NYSE-Listed UBS Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)

On September 14, 2021, UBS Investment Bank launched two exchange traded notes (ETNs) on the New York Stock Exchange. Each ETN is linked to the IFED Large-Cap US Equity Index (IFED-L). IFED-L adjusts its holdings to correspond with changes in market conditions as signaled by shifts in Federal Reserve policy. 

Access to these ETNs is widely available through registered investment advisors (RIAs), broker-dealers and online trading platforms.

Interested parties can track IFED ETN prices and trading activity through Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and similar sites using the tickers IFED and FEDL.

For more information on the two UBS ETNs please visit: